Anycubic Photon UV protection

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Unfortunately my photon was delivered with a blue UV-protection.

For how a DLP printer works, see this post.

The blue windows do not provid a good UV protection necessary to prevent sunlight from hardening / clumping the resin in the container.

I have seen many ways to improve UV protection. The optimal solution is of course a window made of UV-blocking material / colour. But if you don't want to spend money on it or you can't buy the orange screen anywhere, you have to help yourself elsewhere.

My solution is simple and functional. I use the polystyrene cushion in which the printer was delivered. Due to the perfectly adapted shape, the polystyrene sits firmly and leaves space on the back for the air outlet, as well as for the USB port on the right side and the display on the front.

The polystyrene is approx. 2 cm thick. Unfortunately, I don't have a meter to check how much UV radiation finally gets through, but the following graph shows hardly any light transmission in the range of 405nm.

I hope I was able to give you a suggestion. I find this solution much more pleasant than a cardboard box or other improvised solutions. What do you use to block UV light? Just leave me a comment.


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