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With the free program NinjaRipper you can take 3D snapshots of computer games programmed in DirectX.

On the website GameBanana you can download the current version. To unpack the archive you need any data compression program, I use the free software 7-Zip, which can also be integrated in the file explorer.

Then open the *.exe file in the extracted folder and enter a few fields.

  • Exe: The file path to the *.exe file that opens the desired game.
  • Arg: Additional parameters, depending on the desired game, e.g. the resolution or a window mode can be defined there.
  • Dir: Folder path for storing the *.dll file needed for NinjaRipper.
  • Ouput Dir: Path in which the snapshot will be saved.

Then you start the game. If there are problems, you can change the wrapper, depending on whether it is a DirectX9 or DirectX 11 game. Some games also have compatibility modes. You just have to try.

In the game you select the object you want to extract and press "F10". The textures do not matter in our case, because the 3D-print will be monochrome at the end.

How it goes on with the snapshot you get to know in part 2 of the series. Do you have questions about NinjaRipper or can't get a game running? Then leave me a comment.

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